MacConnal-Mason aim to provide not only the finest quality paintings but the best possible advice, privately or through auction and, as such, have been instrumental in the formation of some of the world’s finest collections. With the growth and resilience in the art market over the past decade many clients have diversified their investment portfolios away from traditional assets and towards something for which they have a passion, be it fine art, antiques, cars, wine, stamps, silver and more.

We are delighted to advise and guide clients; whether it be the refinement of an established collection or a first time acquisition. Our wealth of experience ensures the process is clear, straightforward and enjoyable.


We aim to ensure that clients are entirely satisfied with all aspects of a purchase. In making a selection, we are delighted to arrange private views at the gallery, or bring a painting to a residence, allowing clients to assess a work in situ. This is without obligation or pressure. Having purchased a work payment may be made in pounds, dollars or euros by cheque or direct transfer. On clearance of funds we will pack and deliver or ship the work to your door, with items insured under our global policy. Where possible we will assist with hanging and lighting the work. We will also provide relevant documentation, a valuation with a photograph and certificates where appropriate. Confidentiality is integral to MacConnal-Mason’s reputation and we therefore rarely publish prices, we are however more than happy to discuss these in the acquisition of a work; for more information please see our CONTACTS page.


MacConnal-Mason are always interested in acquiring the finest quality paintings and sculpture. Given the gallery’s longevity, expertise and reputation we are frequently approached by past clients, their descendants and others with a view to selling. A preliminary judgement can usually be made from a photograph sent via mail or e-mail prior to first-hand inspection. Due diligence would be applied throughout this process.


Where possible we will hang and light any paintings purchased from the gallery. Furthermore we are delighted to advise and assist with the hanging and re-hanging of individual works or entire collections.


Throughout the history of painting, framing has been a vital consideration. As style and fashion develop it is sometimes necessary to reframe works of art. Working with a select group of framers we are delighted to discuss and advise suitable options for any style of painting, providing a variety of options from which a selection can be made.


The medium and material of a picture or work of art is subject to change over a period of time. Whether it be due to atmospheric conditions or accidental damage, cleaning and conservation may be necessary. We are more than happy to provide a preliminary analysis on such an issue and arrange with our associate conservators to carry out any necessary work.