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Luigi Querena

(1820 - 1887)

Luigi Querena was born in Venice in 1824, son of the history painter Lattanzio Querena (1768-1853) and brother-in-law to the painter Antonio Rotta (1828-1903).

Querena enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice at the age of 12, studying under Federico Moja (1802-1885), a painter of architectural subjects and Venetian vedute works. Querena followed in his footsteps, developing as a painter of Venetian views and being compared with Canaletto (1697-1768).

He joined the 1848 uprising against Austrian rule and portrayed Venetian resistance in a series of 8 works.

He exhibited regularly at the Venetian Academy becoming an honorary member in 1857, also exhibiting in Genoa, Milan, Naples and Turin.