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Charles Édouard Delort

(1841 - 1895)

Charles Édouard Delort was born in Nimes in the Gard region of the South of France on 4th February 1841. An aspiring painter, he enrolled at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris in 1864 under the tutelage of the history painter, Marc-Charles-Gabriel Gleyre (1808-1874) and Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), the renowned orientalist. This same year, Delort made his debut at the Paris Salon.

Reflecting the taste of his professor Gleyre, Delort soon achieved recognition as a painter of historical subjects, such as "Richelieu et le Père Joseph" and "Marie Antoinette à Tianon". Delort also received acclaim as a painter of elegant contemporary genre and for his scenes of Algerian life, he was to live in France’s North African colony of Algeria in the city of Saint Eugene where on 6th March 1895, he died.

Delort achieved both academic success, being awarded a medal at the Salon of 1882, and high prices for his works. He was widely collected both in France, Great Britain and the United States. His "L’Arrivée du Cardinal" was sold in the Hilton sale in New York, 13th-14th February 1900.