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José Benlliure y Gil

(1858 - 1937)

Born in Canamelas, 1st October 1855. Died in 1914. Spanish School. José Benlluire y Gil went to Rome at an early age to study, where he later became a Professor at the Academy of Rome; he also studied at the Academy of San Carlos in Valencia. Fame came to him at a very early age, and when he was only nineteen years old pictures by him were put on exhibition in Valencia, which caused a sensation. King Amedde of Savoie commissioned him to paint a portrait of his son, the Prince of Asturies. From 1875, Benlluire had many exhibitions in Madrid, and was decorated for his work as an artist on several occasions. In his later years he travelled throughout Europe, and he held exhibitions in Paris, London and Munich. His works can be found in galleries in: Munich and Valencia. * * * * * * * * * * Bibliography: E. Bénézit “Dictionnaire des Artistes”