Cesare Laurenti

(1854 - 1936)

Cesare Laurenti was born in Mesola near Ferrara in 1854. He first studied with the sculptor, Luigi Ceccon (b.1833) born at Padua, but who worked in Venice where Laurenti was to make his home. Prior to this however, Laurenti moved to Naples where he knew Domenico Morelli (1826-1901), a Neapolitan painter of historical subjects, portraits and genre, and Filippo Polizzi (1818-1899), a painter of history, genre and animalier subjects. After working in Naples, Laurenti established himself in Venice. A versatile artist, he excelled in all styles of genre painting and was renowned for his superlative technique.

An artist highly regarded by his contemporaries, he won numerous prizes including the principal prize at the Triennale in Milan 1894 with La Parche, at Munich a gold medal with Il Peccato, at Dresden in 1890, and at the Paris Universal Exposition of 1900, in addition to various international exhibitions in Venice, including the Biennale of 1903. Laurenti also painted a series of works for the Albergo Storione in Padua and exhibited twenty-four works in Venice in 1935.

Represented in: Galleria d’arte Moderna Venice
Galleria d’arte Moderna Rome
Museo di Revoltella, Trieste

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