Lawrence Holofcener


A multi-talented figure in the arts, Lawrence Holofcener has been a successful singer, songwriter, actor, author but perhaps above all, a sculptor.

Holofcener was born in Baltimore, Maryland 23rd February 1926. He studied at the University of Maryland and subsequently at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. It was here that he met Jerry Bosch with whom he wrote songs and Broadway scores, including those for ‘Mr. Wonderful’ and ‘Catch a Star’. He has continued as a writer of songs and musical scores into the 1990’s. As an actor he has performed on Broadway with Carol Channing and Ginger Rogers; and on film with Kate Jackson.

It is latterly as a sculptor that Holofcener is perhaps best known, not least for his iconic “Allies” set in Bond Street in London, depicting President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill seated conversing.

He was first shown in Charleston at the Gibbes Museum of Art and subsequently exhibited widely and received numerous commissions, including “Faces of Olivier” for the Chichester Theatre which was unveiled by Laurence Olivier himself – “Allies” followed in 1995.

Further civic commissions followed for The Isle of Wight, Bristol, Coburg in Germany and Bordentown New Jersey.

Holofcener has produced numerous portrait sculptures, including a series of portraits of significant figures of the 20th Century.

His works can be found in museums in: Bristol; Isle of Wight; London; Bordentown and Princeton.