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Johannes Hendrik Eversen

(1906 - 1995)

A descendant of Adrianus Eversen (1818-1897), the highly regarded painter of town scenes, Johannes Hendrik Eversen was born in The Hague, 30th May 1906. He studied as a teacher before himself becoming a pupil of the Hague artist Wilhelm Johan Lampe (1868-1933). Eversen then studied at Heatherley’s School of Art in London, a popular and successful establishment with a reputation for academic drawing, pupils included James Le Jeune (b.1910). Returning to the Netherlands, Eversen had a one-man exhibition in 1938 and the following year, while living in Ede at 1 Beatrixlaan, first exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Eversen was rapidly gaining a reputation as an exceptional painter of portraits and landscapes but above all, of highly detailed still lifes in the style of the Old Masters. With the outbreak of war, Eversen served with the Dutch Army and following the war, returned to painting still lifes and portraits, a significant commission in 1948 being Princess Marijke of the Dutch Royal Family.

Eversen’s popularity in Holland and Britain continued unabated, he exhibited his still lifes continuously at the Royal Academy from 1955-1970 and held a number of one-man exhibitions in both countries.

Eversen was unsurpassed as a twentieth century painter working in the finest tradition of Dutch still life painting, a tradition dating back to the 17th century.