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Antonio Rotta ( 1828 - 1903)

Biography Although born in Gorizia, Rotta received his early training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he remained until his death in 1903.

As many artists before him, he was drawn to the genre subjects of family groups and in particular, children. His fine style, quality and particular portrayal of his subject, proved inspirational to a younger group of artists such as Guiseppe Magni (1869-1956) (Florence), Giovanni-Battista Torriglia (1858-1937) (Florence) and Antonio Ermolao Paoletti (1834-1912) (Venice), but in particular the artist Gaetano Chierici (1838-1920), ten years his junior, who had studied in Florence. Rotta’s only recorded exhibition during his lifetime was in Berlin in 1891.

His works can be found in museums in: Helsinki; Philadelphia and Trieste.