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Carl Kronberger(1841 - 1921)

Biography Carl Kronberger was born in Freistadt, near Linz in Austria on 7th March 1841. He studied at the Munich Academy in Bavaria under Professor Johann Georg Hiltensperger (1806-1890) himself once a pupil at the Academy, and a noted history painter. Kronberger also studied at the Academy with Herman Anschutz (1802-1880) a painter of historical subjects and portraits.

It was for portraits and genre works that Kronberger established his reputation, working in Munich and in Linz, the city near Freistadt from which he came.

It was Munich the thriving city that would have provided the majority of Kronberger’s patrons. Collectors who sought his genre works like “Sunday Morning” or “The Lost Key” and the small scale portraits executed with his characteristic meticulous detail.

Kronberger exhibited with success in Germany and Austria, he was awarded a medal in Vienna in 1873 and in Munich 1901 and he achieved success with collectors in the United States and England in his lifetime.

Kronberger died in Munich, 27th October 1921.

His works can be found in museums in: Leipzig and Munich.

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