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John Frederick Herring Jnr (1820-1907)

Horses, Cows and Chickens in a Farmyard

Oil on Panel
6¾ x 8½ in – 17.1 x 21.6 cm

Provenance: Private Collection, UK Artist Biography: The Herring family originated in Holland and then moved to the Dutch colony of Curacao, to New York and eventually to Britain where John Frederick Herring Snr (1795-1865) was born. J. F. Herring Jnr was in the third generation of the notable Herring family, who were all great sporting painters of the day.

J. F. Herring Jnr was the eldest son and pupil of J. F. Herring Snr and understandably after studying under his father, the style of painting of the two men were often comparable and occasionally the son’s work was confused with that of his father, although to an expert eye there is indeed a marked difference in the technique of the two artist’s work, particularly in the finish of the horses coats. The texture of J. F. Herring Jnr’s work is a little broader in technique and one can usually feel the impasto very lightly with the finger. J. F. Herring Jnr rarely painted the thoroughbred horses as his father had done in his youth, and is remembered today for his hunting and farmyard scenes.

Early in his career, J. F. Herring Jnr. collaborated with the landscape painter, Alexander F. Rolfe (fl.1839-1871), whose daughter he later married. She too was an artist; they lived in Cambridgeshire, although Herring’s paintings continued to be reminiscent of his father’s home in Kent.

J. F. Herring Jnr. exhibited 15 paintings at the Royal Academy, the British Institute and Suffolk Street during the years 1865 to 1875. He was made a member of the Royal Academy in 1864.

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